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Reliable and professional computer, network, and web support


At WyzGuys, we know that you want reliable and affordable computer support.  We use the price list below as a reference guide for quoting on our computer and networking projects.  We provide support services at a straight hourly rate, under a support agreement, or per proposal.  WyzGuys will provide you with a written Proposal and Scope of Work before we start on your project.  The most you will pay is the amount on the proposal.  If we take less time than specified on the quote we will bill you only for the actual time billed. 

You know in advance what the charges will be.  -- No surprises!  In addition we guarantee our work for 30 days.  You never pay for a return trip to work on the same issue.  Contact us for a quote on your current project.

Call WyzGuys for immediate help at 651 705-6360

Support Services

Help Desk ServicePerRate Minimum PeriodRate Additional Period
Remote Desktop SupportMinute$1.25 15 Minutes$1.25 1 minute
Telephone SupportMinute$1.0015 minutes$1.005 minutes
Paid in advance by credit card.
On Site Support ServicePerRate Per HourInitial PeriodRate Per HourAdditional Period
(Hourly Rate)
Business Computer SupportVisit$115.00 1 hour$90.00 30 minutes
Business Server SupportVisit$150.00 1 hour$100.00 1 hour
Non-Profit Computer SupportVisit$100.001 hour$100.001 hour
Non-Profit Server Supportvisit$125.001 hour$125.001 hour
Residential Computer Supportvisit$100.001 hour$100.001 hour
In-Shop Support (drop-off)event$90.001 hour$90.001 hour
Materials and ExpensesCost1.30%   
Travel (per trip)Trip$25.00   
Data Backup ServicesPerRateInitial StorageSetupSoftware
On-Line BackupYear$79.95 unlimited$75.00 Included
Shop ServicesPerRate   
In-Shop Support (drop off)Event$90.00per hour for general in shop labor not covered below
Malware (Virus) RemovalEvent$125.00remove malware infections from computer system
Full Reinstall OS and AppsEvent$150.00recover data and reinstall operating system and applications
Windows 7 or 8 Install/UpgradeEvent$275.00includes Windows license and everything from above row
Recover Data on Hard DriveEvent$75.00recover data from failed hard drive or prior to other service
Lost PasswordEvent$45.00lost or forgotten password reset
New PC SetupEvent$75.00remove unnecessary software and trials, set up user environment
New PC Setup w/ File TransferEvent$150.00same as above plus transfer files & settings from old to new PC
Microsoft Office InstalledEvent$175.00includes application license
AVG Security InstalledEvent$125.00includes 2 year application license
Other ServicesPerRate Per HourInitial PeriodRate Per HourAdditional Period
Computer RepairIn Shop$90.00 60 minutes$90.00 30 minutes
Software SupportIncident$90.00 60 minutes$90.00 30 minutes
Internet SupportIncident$90.00 60 minutes$90.00 30 minutes
Network SecurityProjectPer Quote   
Telecom ConsultingProjectPer Quote   
On Site Support ServicePerBronze SupportSilver Support ProgramGold Support  ProgramPlatinum Support Program
(Monthly Per Node Rate)
Response Time 1-2 dayNext Business DaySame Day4 hour
DC or File Server 1Month$114.95$119.95 $124.95 $129.95
1Server Support Plan includes on-line data backup, AVG server security software for up to 20 users, and CoPilot remote control connection
SBS or Exchange Server2Month$129.95$134.95 $139.95 $144.95
1Server Support Plan includes on-line data backup, AVG server security software for up to 20 users, and CoPilot remote control connection
Desktop or Laptop3Month$44.95 $49.95$54.95 $59.95
3Desktop and Laptop Support Plan includes on-line data backup, and AVG Internet Security
PrintersMonth$4.95$5.95 $6.95$7.95
Routers, Modems, SwitchesMonth$1.95 $2.95 $3.95 $4.95
Firewalls, Security AppliancesMonth$19.95$22.95 $24.95 $29.95
Smartphones or TabletsMonth$3.95$4.95$5.956.95
Other NodesMonth$7.95 $8.95 $9.95$9.95




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